Applause Bangalore Runners Awards Event - is an annual event organized by
India Amateur Runners Trust
, a not-for-profit initiative, managed by runners themselves.

1st April 2012 saw the first edition with Applause 2012 and the event was a great success, surpassing everyone's expectations for more information refer to Applause'12-Recap.

The objectives for organizing Applause are several, namely

  • To recognise the unsung heroes in our running community
    Show encouragement and strengthen their stickiness to running
  • To recognise the performance runners in our running community
    Formal recognition and also build aspiration in others to do better
  • Create an occasion for socialising outside a race situation
    Bonding, sharing, making acquaintances
  • To recognise the Partners who display support for our running community
    Show our gratitude and strengthen the relationship
  • Leverage the occasion for supporting a Social Cause
    Help the talented but less fortunate in our running communit

While the issues facing the running community are several as listed in the Background Page, the organizers trust that Applause will help address some of them and is definitely a step in the right direction for the growth and improvement of our running space

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