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As the Father of Octopus shoes says “A healthy body leads to a healthy mind” so may it be.

Post World War Two, an exuberant idea dawned the mind of Mr. Kihachiro Onitsuka to offer a clannish range of basketball shoes to young people to infuse in them a new vigor. On concluding a name for his newly visionary idea, he adapted a classic line that summarized his philosophy. ‘Anima Sana InCorpore Sano' is Latin for ‘a sound mind in a sound body'; hence the name “ASICS”. Owing to his belief of a healthy body leading to a healthy mind, Mr. Onitsuka laid the foundation of his vision on which ASICS stands erect - “Innovation for everyone”.

ASICS offer a wide array of Sports Shoes to its customers with values of durability, flexibility, speed, ventilation, grip and fit. Through its vigorous technical research and innovation, ASICS is the most beloved choice of its customers, from runners to basketball players. And lives to its motto “True Sports Performance”.

The unflinching faith of the brand to offer a wide range of sportswear products that embodies development of a healthy mind and soul enables ASICS users to go to the next higher level of achievement in their desired fields. This USP of ASICS enables it to stand out as a Global Brand and strengthen its leadership qualities in the domain of footwear, apparels, accessories and customer service.

Reliance Footprint is the exclusive distributor for ASICS in India and is available at Reliance Footprint Outlets. For more details on ASICS; pl contact




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