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Every runner seeks to run faster and/or further and towards this recognizes the importance of running efficiently and remaining injury free. Sadly, statistics reflect that nearly 65% of runners suffer annually from some running related injury and there are two major causal factors improper running form and poor running career planning.

Simple fact is that running is a skill sport and not something to take for granted.
The body of an adult runner is no longer as lithe and flexible as earlier years and this, together with the tension we carry due to pressures of life, affects our running form.

Catalyst Sports, founded by Ashok Nath - India's leading veteran marathoner, will offer Chi Running Workshops and Mentoring Services to specifically address the above two issues. Chi Running is a paradigm shift approach to running that improves running efficiency and minimizes the likelihood of an injury. And Mentoring Services involves recognizing potential and then encouraging, facilitating and stretching a pupil towards mutually agreed goals.

Visit us at Services to commence early 2013.

Contours is India's first chain of women's gyms. We are an international chain with over 750 gyms wordwide across 32 countries. Franchised in India in late 2006, Contours currently has 9 Fitness studios in India which help women achieve their health and fitness dreams

If you like to run and have been struggling to increase your pace, strength training is the answer. Contours specializes in Circuit Training which helps you lose fat, tone your body and increases your fitness and endurance. A fit and lighter runner can achieve peak performance

Contours India is headed by Ms. Chandra Gopalan, an experienced runner and an inspirational figure to the running community

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