Applause 2013 - Special Features:

Basis the learning from Applause 2012, the organizers have made some improvements in the structure and system for Applause 2013.

  • Registration Process
    For greater convenience, there shall also be an online payment gateway option
  • Transparency
    To ensure complete transparency, the organizers have established an external team that will function as the Event Audit Team and verify all the analysis done by the Event Analysis Team
  • Meet & Greet Corners
    Basis an expressed desire from many in our running community to get an opportunity to interact with some select runners, the organizers are making an arrangement to have special Meet & Greet Corners at the Open House Session (10.00am to 11.00am).
  • Nomination Phase
    For greater convenience, at both the Nomination and Voting Rounds, there shall be a “drop-down” menu so that participants may refer to the list of shortlisted runners and share their choice.
  • Rotating Jury System
    The Event Jury for Applause 2013 has a new set of panelists, all of whom are runners who enjoy credibility and respect with their peers. In future editions of Applause, the organizers shall invite a new set of select runners to join the Jury.
  • Overall Runner of the Year
    This prestigious award shall be decided basis a mix of Hard (60%) & Soft (40%) criteria with the decision going to the Jury in case of a tie.
  • Valid Participation in Nomination and Voting Rounds
    Only direct recipients of the event link would be eligible to participate and any forwarding or sharing of the link would lead to disqualification.
  • Seating Arrangment
    To reward those who register early, seating will be provided from the stage onwards.
  • Lunch Arrangement
    To satisfy the request made by many in our running community, the organizers have ensured that lunch at Applause 2013 shall have a non-vegetarian dish as well.

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