Objectives : Our purpose is essentially twofold.

  • To ensure our running space grows , and in a healthy manner
  • To improve the running experience of amateur runners

The key words are growth, healthy and improve, and all our endeavors shall be keeping these in mind.

Board : Presently the India Amateur Runners Trust has six Trustees, all from Bangalore as the initial focus shall be on Karnataka. As we broaden our footprint, we shall invite Trustees from other cities.

Our Board of Trustees are:

  • Sri. Ashok Nath
  • Sri. M.S. Dileepan
  • Smt. Vaishali Kasture
  • Smt. Chandra Gopalan
  • Sri. N.S. Parthasarathy
  • Sri. K.C. Kothadapani

Address of the Trust : We are located at 496, 8 th Main, West Wing, Amarjyothi Layout, Domlur Extension, Bangalore 560071.

Our email is:
Our website is:

Funds of the Trust: We shall seek to fund our activities through the contributions made by the trustees, monies received from benevolent runners and friends in the form of donations, membership fees and the like, and finally from any profits generated from our initiatives

Management : All the six Trustees themselves constitute as the Managing Committee for managing the affairs of the Trust with the following three have the specific roles -

* Ashok Nath   Founder - President

* M.S. Dileepan   Founder- Vice President

* K.C. Kothadapani   Secretary and Treasurer

Operation of the Funds: The funds of the Trust is operated through an account with a Nationalised Bank Corporation Bank, Amarjyoti Layout - under the signature of any two of the President, Vice President and Treasurer. The same three trustees are authorised to approach banks for availing finance and other liabilities for fulfilling the objectives of the Trust.

Meeting of the Managing Committee: The Managing Committee shall ordinarily meet once every alternate month or at any time with prior notice of one week to review the working of the Trust and to transact any other business of the Trust.

Powers and duties: The President, Vice President and the Secretary shall be vested with all powers to transact the business of the Trust in the interest of the Trust and shall be accountable to the Managing Committee.

Audit of Accounts: The accounts of the Trust shall be audited by a Chartered Accountant and the financial statement so prepared shall be presented to the Managing Committee for its consideration at the Annual Meeting.

Annual General Meeting: The annual general meeting of the Trust shall be held after the close of the accounting year.

Ceasure of trusteeship: The Trusteeship of any Trustee shall cease on his/her resignation or death or voluntary resignation. In case of any misbehaviour or mischief by any Trustee, he/she may be relieved from Trusteeship by a resolution passed by other trustees and new trustee may be nominated by the Managing Committee.

Jurisdiction of the Trust: The Jurisdiction of the Trust for achieving its objectives is Pan India.

Application of Trust Act: The Trust is bound by the regulations of the Indian Trust act in all matters of the Trust.

Note: The funds and income of the trust shall be solely utilised for the achievement of the objectives and no portion of it shall be utilised for payment to trustees by way of Profit, interest, dividend etc. However, up to 20% of the corpus is liable to be used towards administrative expenses incurred by the Trust

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