Objectives : Our purpose is essentially to assist the less privileged amateur runner in the pursuit of his passion.

Definition of a Less Privileged Runner : A qualified prospect should satisfy the following criteria

  • Amateur runner
    • Elite runners are exempted as they are looked after (hic) by the Sports Authorities

  • Above 21 years
    • For various reasons we will initially limit our focus to the more adult runners

  • Has displayed consistent inspiring performances
    • For starters, we will limit our focus on a needy runner who has displayed merit and we believe is capable of still greater heights

  • Running Distance
    • The runner must be a 10k, half or marathoner. Other distances, or disciplines, are not our focus for the moment

Footprint: Initially we shall focus on Karnataka based runners, with all intentions to broaden our footprint as support for this Cause catches on across India

Scope of the Assistance : We shall be lending assistance in any or all of the following ways

Level -1

  • Running Gear
    • Footwear and apparel inclusive of socks and cap

  • Race Registration Fees
    • Direct payment to the race organizers

  • Race Logistics
    • Travel, boarding and lodging in the most competitive decent manner


  • Running Accessories
    • To be discussed

  • Training requirements
    • Fueling and hydration


  • Monthly stipend
    • Medical

  • Nutrition

Logistics of the Assistance : To ensure a level of control, monitoring and advisory role on the runners who are accepted within this Cause, a first-time Cause-assisted Runner will be extended support on a rolling Quarter Basis for the initial year.

The decision to broaden the support period from quarterly to six monthly for a renewal case will be taken by the Trustees on a case to case basis.

On an annual basis, a runner's case will be renewed if he has displayed honestly in behavior and promising performance. And, continues to seek assistance.

Selection Criteria
: Given the initial limitation of our assistance, we shall be reviewing all applications based on the following criteria

  • Present performance level
  • Neediness for assistance

Selection process: To ensure transparency and genuineness to the applications, we propose to follow the following system

  • Referral system
    • An application must be forwarded to the Trust through an local running member
    • Structured application form to be filled

  • Review of Applications
    • On a monthly basis, the Trust Operating Team comprising President, VP and Secretary shall review all applications, seek clarifications or additional data etc as felt necessary, meet with the applicant and arrive at a shortlist for the next Management Committee Meet which are held bi-monthly.
    • At the bi-monthly meet, the Management Committee will review the shortlist and decide the most meritorious applicants.
    • The Trust Operating Team will take the case forward, or seek further information from the applicant on a case to case basis.

      Please note that the number and the level of assistance is a factor of the available corpus and assistance extended by Cause Partners. It is very possible that assistance is not given initially but as the situation improves the same applicant case may be accepted

Assistance Logistics : This shall be twofold

  1. The Trust proposes to raise funds through all or any of the following means
    • Direct donations to the Cause
      • Trust will seek support from the more privileged runners at the time of Applause.
      • Trust will occasionally seek support on a case-to-case basis from the more privileged runners if highly deserving applicants exist but the corpus level doesn't permit assistance
      • A runner, or a Friends of Runners (eg. Corporates) may make a adhoc donation to the trust towards this Cause

    • Profits from Applause, or other initiatives that the Trust undertakes
      • Self explainatory

  2. The Trust shall seek support from Cause Partners like Sports Brands, Coaches, Race Organisers and the like to offer free or subsidized assistance in kind. Logos of these Friends of Runners will be carried on the Cause Site pages


Period of Commencement : India Amateur Runners Trust proposes to start from the financial year 2013 onwards


Note: The funds and income of the trust shall be solely utilised for the achievement of the objectives and no portion of it shall be utilised for payment to trustees by way of Profit, interest, dividend etc. However, up to 20% of the corpus is liable to be used towards administrative expenses incurred by the Trust

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