India is a rich country with many poor people. There are several promising runners who are constrained in their pursuit of their passion owing to financial difficulties. Many are showing stellar performances despite these odds though how long they can continue their struggle unassisted is a matter of debate.

Running has seen a paradigm shift from the days when one only needed basic footwear if even that and could run in simple shorts and tees. Today, running is more complicated as entire industries have sprung up around the sport sports shoes, apparel, accessories, nutrition, books, films, and what not. Indeed, technology is playing a part in determining performance.

There is also the matter of races where registrations fees are seeing an upwards spiral as Race Organizers attempt to give their participants a better race experience. While the majority of participants welcome the value adds, the resultant cost is hard on the less privileged runners.

Finally we must accept that races are happening across India, and even the cheapest mode of travel, boarding and lodging is a hard burden for these same runners.

We believe that it is in our own interest to see that our running space grows, and for this growth we must reduce the entry (and staying) barrier to the less privileged runners. Many of them are inspiration to the rest, and we should learn from their struggles and do our humble part.

Runners Help Runners is a start in this direction.



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